Emma Schep is an Information Designer and researcher interested in the relation between humans and digital technologies, especially regarding social (in)equalities.


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• MA Genderstudies
  Utrecht University, 2017 – now

• MA Information Design
  Design Academy Eindhoven, 2019 – 2021

• BA Language & Culture studies
  Utrecht University,  2012 – 2016


Facades of Salzburg
Assignement Design Academy Eindhoven
November 2019
A lot of  information about our lifes can be found on the internet. We post on social media, phonebooks are digitalized and almost every company can be found on Google. But often we do not realize how much information a stranger can find.

Having 336 pictures of buildings in Salzburg(Austria) as a starting point, I researched what I could find online about the daily lifes of the people living there.

With the information that is inside the pictures, like the visual cues, and information I found using google maps, an online phonebook(herald.at), social media and search engines, I have written short stories about what is happening in and around the buildings.

By telling stories that are between fiction and non-fiction Facades of Salzburg gives a small insight of life that is connected to these buildings. By looking past their facade the buildings regain their meaning and show the beauty of everyday life, while at the same time questioning how much a stranger can know just by searching the internet.